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Download – Episode: 103

Episode: 103 of Nothing to Say is now available for download!

Air Date: 2016-05-23
Guest: Chris Hawley of The Weirds Project
Direct Link:

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Nothing to Say – Episode: 103

We’re back safe and sound! Did you miss us? Of course you did! And we certainly missed you!

So anyway, we’ve got a graphic designer on the show tonight, by name of Chris Hawley. Skunkie will have plenty to talk with him about, since that’s her day-job!

We first found Chris through a series of tweets where he was advertising his new project, The Weirds!


Tune in at 7pm to find out just what The Weirds are, and the process of turning an idea into a toy!

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Toypocalypse Session: 01 – A Fresh Start

The Characters:

  • Skunkie is playing “KB”, a Blue robot broken off of a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots set.
  • David is playing Jesus (Hayseus), a Jesus Bobble Head wearing a Captain Morgan Rum keychain.
  • Sarus is playing Fergus, a toy stuffed dragon that can glide short distances.

We start off with our intrepid party being dropped off by their boss as a group of scavengers, checking this town for salvageable materials. They have a week to scavenge and regroup for pickup, assuming they survive…

Nothing to Say – Episode: 103 DELAYED!

Sorry friends, but Charlie and Skunkie had some…business to take care of in another galax… state. So this week’s episode has been delayed slightly.

Just in case, if things happen to go badly, Charlie and Skunkie have left you some important information.

See you (hopefully) next week!

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Toypocalypse – A New Dawn

First up on Nothing to Play is a good old-fashioned pen-and-paper role playing game by name of Toypocalypse. We’ll let Ted explain the premise…

My name is Ted. It’s been almost ten years since the genesis of my people.

The ‘Great Dawning’ it was called by the more academic members of our society. We arose from an eternal slumber that none of us ever expected to wake from, with our supposed masters missing and no answers as to why; most of us with powers we cannot explain or even attempt to understand. But here we are simple children’s toys, sentient, cognizant, and potent.

It was from these strange origins we began life—each of us emerging from our former masters’ homes and toy boxes into the light of awareness. No bodies to be found, just a vibrant world abandoned. The automated processes held the world together for a while, but soon food began to rot and reactors began to melt down. It mattered little to us. The supply of batteries, patches, and other provisions seemed endless. After all, who was there to stop us from walking into the local store and taking them off the shelf? My own feet have been patched numerous times. But the shelves didn’t restock themselves, and greedy toys took more than their fair share.

Life is damn hard on the street nowadays. At first everything was hunky dory, but life fell apart quickly. We thought we had risen into a utopia where no hatred or prejudices existed. We were wrong. It did not take long for the more dominant toys to seize power and subjugate the lesser toys to gathering and maintenance duties. Soon the tyrants of our world had amassed glue, batteries, screws, and thread, the staples of our measly lives.

Now they ration it off to those that follow their orders and are good little slaves. Well this is one bear who isn’t going to effin’ put up with it anymore! These sons of bitches are going to pay for the suffering and pain they have set upon us. The enslaved must rise up and overthrow this oppressive tyranny in a hail of fists and destruction. I think a great human once said “The time is near at hand which must determine whether we are to be free toys or slaves.”

That time is now!

We will be playing this on a live stream each Thursday night at 9pm Eastern (starting out on Blab.IM, and possibly moving to Google Hangouts if we end up with more than 4 players). The streams will be recorded and archived here so you can go back and watch them at any time.