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A few words from Charlie on his Birthday…

I’ve been around quite a while now, whether you measure time linearly or non, and I’ve finally started to figure some things out.

I’ve made things with my hands and my mind.
I’ve helped build a world, and watched it be destroyed.
I’ve made friends, and lost friends.
I’ve met Death, face to face, and came away understanding why he is.
I’ve had good times in my life, as well as bad.
I’ve known lovers, and felt hate many times.
I’ve been rich, and I’ve lived on the street without a penny to my name.
I’ve been safely protected, and hurt very badly many times.
I’ve travelled to places all over, and spent time at home.
I’ve met Presidents, and shook hands with hoboes.
I’ve eaten caviar, and known starvation first hand.

But the one thing, above all else that I’ve learned; the one lesson I can take away from all of this is…

It’s okay to grow old, but never ever grow up.

Keep your spirit of youth for as long as you can. That sense of wonder and joy in all things. That happiness that you feel on an early morning when the sun is first peeking through the fog. That anticipation when you order a footlong chili dog with mustard and slaw. That contentedness as you sit with a cat warmly rumbling on your lap. That sense of accomplishment when you build something with your own two hands.

Hold on to that feeling. Strive towards it always. That alone will serve you better during the worst moments in your life than anything else.

And remember, no matter what, I always love you.

— Charlie